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How To Clean Your Windows: A Simple 6-Step Guide

Cleaning your windows can be a chore and it’s a task that often gets overlooked. Window cleaning probably isn’t one of the biggest priorities on your plate. Despite this, clean windows add a huge impact to your home/business. This is because your windows are your first impression. Below, We’ll provide a simple guide on how to clean your windows effectively and efficiently.

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Items You Need:

  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • A ‘squeegee
  • Towel
  • Microfiber cloth

Did you know that Australia's favorite dishwashing soap is the best window cleaning fluid? You heard that right! Try using fresh water and 'morning fresh' dishwashing liquid and prepare to be amazed. Follow our 10 Step Guide!

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How to Clean Your Solar Panels: A Simple Guide

Over the course of time, your solar panels may get dirty and not perform to the best of their ability. Solar panels can accumulate dust, mould, dirt and mildew. That’s why it’s important to keep your solar panels super clean so it will produce maximum power. Urban window and solar panel cleaning recommend cleaning your panels every 6 months, or if you live in a high traffic area such as next to a highway or an area that is especially dusty perhaps from construction work, then of course it should be done more frequently, as needed.

Follow our simple guide to keep your solar panel investment an actual investment!

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How To Window Clean Like A Pro (A Gold Coast Guide)

Keeping your windows clean should always be a priority, especially if you want to make the right impression in front of your guests. And while you should always work with the best window cleaner Gold Coast service, you can try to do some maintenance on your own as well. In this article, we will share some great Gold Coast window cleaning tips that you can use to start cleaning your windows just like the professionals do!

Create a good cleaning solution Living on the Gold Coast we get a lot of easterly winds which whip up large amounts of salt air, and worst of all sand....landing on your beautiful view! What you want to do here is to create a good window cleaning solution, we use fresh water and 'morning fresh' dishwashing liquid, yes that's right, Australia's favorite dishwashing soap is the best window cleaning fluid! Be sure not to use bore water or water from a spear pump. Alternatively, opt for a natural product from any local store. Put that in the bucket and make sure that you use a wider bucket here. You will have to dip the mop and squeegee into the bucket, covering the mop completely. While there, make sure that the solution soaks well into the cloth. We recommend you to spread the solution on the entire window surface. We recommend that this is the best way to clean exterior windows as well.

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High Rise Window Cleaning Gold Coast - How Is It Carried Out?

The Gold Coast skyline is full of High Rise buildings and skyscrapers, this article we explain the reasons and methods behind high rise window cleaning.

How is the window cleaning work carried out? The Gold Coast coastline is made up of mostly holiday and residential high rises, have you ever wondered how the windows on such buildings or a skyscraper such as the Q1 gets cleaned. The answer is a professional high rise window cleaning Gold Coast service. A Gold Coast high rise window cleaning service employs the use of specialized equipment to access and clean the windows of these huge buildings. It’s imperative that the workers of high rise window cleaning services are trained in the proper methods and ways of doing things that are involved in the cleaning process. It’s downright dangerous and people have been killed or seriously hurt. For example, we experience quite strong winds on the Gold Coast so you can imagine how dangerous it can be for the workers, up at a high altitude swinging in the wind or imagine some equipment being dropped over the edge! Therefore, they need to be properly trained.

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