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How To Window Clean Like A Pro (A Gold Coast Guide)

Keeping your windows clean should always be a priority, especially if you want to make the right impression in front of your guests. And while you should always work with the best window cleaner Gold Coast service, you can try to do some maintenance on your own as well. In this article, we will share some great Gold Coast window cleaning tips that you can use to start cleaning your windows just like the professionals do!

Create a good cleaning solution Living on the Gold Coast we get a lot of easterly winds which whip up large amounts of salt air, and worst of all sand....landing on your beautiful view! What you want to do here is to create a good window cleaning solution, we use fresh water and 'morning fresh' dishwashing liquid, yes that's right, Australia's favorite dishwashing soap is the best window cleaning fluid! Be sure not to use bore water or water from a spear pump. Alternatively, opt for a natural product from any local store. Put that in the bucket and make sure that you use a wider bucket here. You will have to dip the mop and squeegee into the bucket, covering the mop completely. While there, make sure that the solution soaks well into the cloth. We recommend you to spread the solution on the entire window surface. We recommend that this is the best way to clean exterior windows as well.

For in home window cleaning watch out for the dirty spots Like grubby finger marks, mold, grime or sunscreen on pool balustrading. Those tend to be very challenging and demanding, soap them up first and give them an extra scrub. The issue is that many times you can end up dealing with a huge range of problems if you don’t track and handle these spots first. As long as you take your time to tackle these dirty spots first, you will find that the result will be much better off. When you use the best home window washing solution, try to spread it evenly all over the glass doors or window's after you handle the dirty spots. But be careful not to push too much soapy suds into the edges and corners of the frames, otherwise it will drip all over frame once you have squeegeed.

Now it’s time to use your window squeegee, one of your best window cleaning devices, depending on the type of window you will want to draw your squeegee from the top to the bottom or work from side to side but always working your way down the window. The focus is on skimming the solution, in fact, your squeegee should never lift from the glass. This way you can remove dirt and other similar compounds from the glass, which is a crucial aspect to take into consideration. With help from another cleaning cloth, make sure that you dry the squeegee after you pass across the window. That’s the best way to avoid any streaks or drips, this way you don’t ruin any windows you have already cleaned.

Use the cleaning cloth all along the window’s wet edges This way you will find it easier to manage the wet areas and you’ll be doing it just like a window cleaning Gold Coast pro. If you do it this way, when it’s dry you won’t see soap along the edges and corners. It’s important to note that the cloth you use, is clean and doesn’t shed any lint, it needs to be really dry also.

„ Soak up any leftover solution and polish the sill with a clean and dry cloth "Its best to wipe down your frames and always finish off your sills and ledges for a pro finish"

Nathan Cowley

This step is self-explanatory, but it can be very helpful, and it does provide you with quite a satisfactory experience in the end. The joy of having clean windows, which is exactly what matters the most. Even if you try to do this on your own, you are bound to make mistakes and we completely understand that! This is why hiring the best window washing companies like URBAN Window Cleaner, plus there are a few good window cleaners near me that I could recommend if I'm too busy, so it is still a very good idea, and it can bring you a tremendous amount of benefit in no time. It’s a much better way to keep your windows clean, plus you will also get to save a lot of time and money through having well maintained windows and glass! Areas like Mermaid Beach, Runaway Bay, Ephraim Island and Burliegh Heads get a lot of slat residue, so of course it takes a lot more maintenance to care for these areas.