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High Rise Window Cleaners

High Rise Window Cleaning Gold Coast - How Is It Carried Out?

The Gold Coast skyline is full of High Rise buildings and skyscrapers, this article we explain the reasons and methods behind high rise window cleaning.

How is the window cleaning work carried out? The Gold Coast coastline is made up of mostly holiday and residential high rises, have you ever wondered how the windows on such buildings or a skyscraper such as the Q1 gets cleaned. The answer is a professional high rise window cleaning Gold Coast service. A Gold Coast high rise window cleaning service employs the use of specialized equipment to access and clean the windows of these huge buildings. It’s imperative that the workers of high rise window cleaning services are trained in the proper methods and ways of doing things that are involved in the cleaning process. It’s downright dangerous and people have been killed or seriously hurt. For example, we experience quite strong winds on the Gold Coast so you can imagine how dangerous it can be for the workers, up at a high altitude swinging in the wind or imagine some equipment being dropped over the edge! Therefore, they need to be properly trained.

What type of buildings and work do high rise window cleaners do? High rise window cleaning Gold Coast services are used to clean the windows of motels, hotels, (groups of apartments that are owned by residents) shopping centres, hospitals, universities and aged care homes. Some high rise window cleaning companies offer interior window cleaning services while other companies strictly focus on cleaning just the exterior windows. High rise window cleaners use products that remove salt build up, the Gold Coast is prone to heavy salt residue, and they also remove hard water stains, dust, dirt and mould. Of course being professionals the products they use don’t leave streaks or soap residue build up on the windows. Leaving your Gold Coast view of the beaches and hinterland stunning as always! Motels and Hotels Shopping Centers Hospitals and Universities Nursing Homes .

What elements must a Gold Coast high rise window cleaner take into consideration? There are many aspects that need to be taken into account when cleaning the windows of high rise buildings. Some of the factors to consider is the architecture, like the design or the shape of the building, how accessible is the building, are there trees and parking lots with cars parked in them, will the cars need to be moved? Think also about the coming and going of daily activity connected with the building and because it’s the Gold Coast whilst we are proud to say we have beautiful weather almost 365 days in the year we still have to take into account the weather conditions. Most afternoons after lunch a strong easterly or northerly wind lashes up causing difficulties. A high rise window cleaning Gold Coast specialist will carefully weigh up the amount of time that is needed to access and clean the windows.

„It’s often said that prevention is better than a cure,.“

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So apart from having an amazing view high rise window cleaners Gold Coast is really a maintenance measure that is meant to keep windows from becoming wrecked due to neglect or corrosion from the salt air. Most high rise window cleaning Gold Coast services are performed about four times a year, in some instances, it will be done more regularly depending on the location of the building. A new or refurbished building may need extra work to begin with as it can be quite dirty after the builders have exited and often silicone and debris continues to run down the windows of the building for months after completion.