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Solar Panel Cleaning

How to Clean Your Solar Panels: A Simple Guide

Over the course of time, your solar panels may get dirty and not perform to the best of their ability. Solar panels can accumulate dust, mould, dirt and mildew. That’s why it’s important to keep your solar panels super clean so it will produce maximum power. Urban window and solar panel cleaning recommend cleaning your panels every 6 months, or if you live in a high traffic area such as next to a highway or an area that is especially dusty perhaps from construction work, then of course it should be done more frequently, as needed.

Follow our simple guide to keep your solar panel investment an actual investment!

The Cleaning Process

We highly recommend to clean the panels in the early morning or late evening hours when the solar panels are not in full sun and the panel surfaces are cool. If water hits a panel that is too warm there is a big chance you can shatter the glass. To be on the safe side use room temperature water.

Cleaning Tools

If you want to save some money, only a hose and water are needed to rinse off dust. Sometimes, you will need to give the panels a good scrub. Urban Gold Coast window cleaners use a soft bristled brush or water fed brush and pole with a resin filtered water system. Please don’t use any material that can scratch or damage the panel surface.

Cleaning Products

In most cases, only water is necessary to clean your solar panels. If you decide to use a product, use a soft, organic based non-toxic cleaning solution. Definitely do not use harsh abrasive cleaners, which may scratch and damage the panel surface.

Be Careful and Stay Safe

Walking on a roof is dangerous. So please take precaution against slipping and falling. We recommend rope access and the use of a safety harness.

If you’d like to have your solar panels cleaned professionally, please contact us direct.

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