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How To Clean Your Windows: A Simple 6-Step Guide

Cleaning your windows can be a chore and it’s a task that often gets overlooked. Window cleaning probably isn’t one of the biggest priorities on your plate. Despite this, clean windows add a huge impact to your home/business. This is because your windows are your first impression. Below, We’ll provide a simple guide on how to clean your windows effectively and efficiently.

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Items You Need:

  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • A ‘squeegee
  • Towel
  • Microfiber cloth

Did you know that Australia's favorite dishwashing soap is the best window cleaning fluid? You heard that right! Try using fresh water and 'morning fresh' dishwashing liquid and prepare to be amazed. Follow our 10 Step Guide!

Step 1 - Remove Dust

Give your windows a quick wipe with a towel. This will quickly remove any dust or small pieces of dirt. Also make sure that any stickers or other items have been removed from the window.

Step 2 - Deal With The Dirty Spots

Grubby finger marks, mold, grime or sunscreen can be very challenging to remove. Soap them up first, give this a few seconds to sit, and then give these areas a thorough scrub.

Step 3 - Wash Your Window With A Squeegee

Give your window a full clean. Depending on the type of window, you will want to draw your squeegee from the top to the bottom or work from side to side but always working your way down the window. The focus is on skimming the solution, in fact, your squeegee should never lift from the glass.

Step 4 - Go Easy On The Soap

Be careful not to push too much soapy suds into the edges and corners of the frames, otherwise it will drip over frame once you have squeegeed! It’s important to note that the cloth you use, is clean and doesn’t shed any lint, it needs to be really dry also.

Step 5 - Dry

Using a microfiber cloth, delicately remove any remaining water from the glass. Finally dry the windowsill beneath where any water may have dripped down.

Step 6 - Clean Once Per Month

A once-per-month clean should be enough to keep your windows in good shape. Some businesses opt to have their windows cleaned professionally every week.
So there you have it!

Clean windows in 6 easy steps. Still struggling for time to give your windows a full clean? Get in touch to see if our Gold Coast window cleaning services could help you!