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  • "We" or "our" alludes to Urban Window Cleaner. "You", "your" or "the customer" alludes to the client getting the service(s) point by point overleaf.
  • Citations
  • All assessments are liable to site study and affirmation by composed citation.
  • Citations are substantial for 28 days.
  • A citation acknowledged either verbally or by mark will be liable to the Terms and Conditions in this. Upon the arrival of the wash, or other administration

Terms & Conditions

  • For external cleaning only - all windows must be shut on washday before cleaning. Any open windows which can't be shut won't be washed.
  • You should guarantee that all things to be cleaned are fundamentally solid preceding cleaning.
  • We maintain whatever authority is needed to make an additional charge on account of especially filthy windows.
  • Full access is required upon the arrival of the clean. We can't move any deterrents which may hinder cleaning. Should halfway access on the booked day lessen the degree of the perfect, we claim all authority to charge for 100% of the planned clean.
  • Inside windows: it is your duty to guarantee that windows are open and ledges and different surfaces are cleared in advance.
  • We won't perfect any windows we consider to be difficult to reach or perilous upon the arrival of the clean.
  • We don't acknowledge risk for any harm howsoever caused amid the arrangement of our administrations.
  • Windows cleaned with unadulterated water out of the blue may require a few washes previously the full advantage is seen, because of the substance deposit left by customary cleaning techniques, or filtering of imbued soil from outlines and different territories.
  • Stream washing: we expect access to an outside water supply and 13 amp electrical supply to work our hardware.
  • Delay of any administration will require 24 hours see from the customer before any booked date. Notice under 24 hours or on the booked day will be charged at half of the estimation of the work due.
  • As our cleaning forms apply consistently, climate conditions won't be acknowledged as reason from the customer to put off our planned administration.
  • In the uncommon occasion of climate conditions where we regard it perilous or our cleaning procedures might be inoperable, we will try to give you however much notice as could be expected and re plan the wash day.
  • On the off chance that you defer a wash and the period between washes stretches out to more than about two months, your next wash may acquire a first wash charge.
  • Rehash administrations completed in a period more than about two months might be liable to re study and re citation on an individual premise. Degree of cleaning
  • Outside glass surfaces will for the most part be washed with unadulterated water from water bolstered posts.
  • All surfaces washed with unadulterated water will be left to dry normally.
  • A window or entryway is characterized as any part which comprises of edge, ledge, scarf and glass, made of wood, aluminium, steel or UVPC.
  • Paint, varnish, lime scale, mastic, concrete mortar, paste, names, or other building items can't be evacuated by unadulterated water alone. This can be masterminded, subject to overview and access, at a different cost.
  • Ledges made of block, tile, stone or any material other than wood, aluminium, steel or UVPC may harm our brush heads and won't be washed.
  • Interior glass surfaces will be cleaned utilizing conventional techniques.
  • Outside window cleaning comprises of vertical windows and Velux windows just except if determined something else.
  • Inside window or studio rooftop cleaning incorporates the glass just are valued separately.
  • Sash and soffit cleaning incorporates the drain confront and as a long ways behind the canal as can be come to with our brushes.
  • Window cleaning or different administrations may not be given on remarkable records.
  • In case of a disagreement about instalment, it is the customer's duty to demonstrate that instalment in full has been made and cleared.
  • We claim all authority to make late instalment charges and to recuperate any expenses acquired in the red recuperation.
  • We maintain whatever authority is needed to change or end any basic, limited time or referral plot whenever without take note.
  • We maintain whatever authority is needed to end your cleaning account without take note.
  • Private contracts require 7 days see from the customer preceding end.
  • Business contracts require 28 days composed notice from the customer before end, with the exception of on account of a settled contract period where the aggregate contract esteem must be settled in full.
  • Not as much as the required time of notice to end any agreement will cause the full charge of any planned work.
  • All expenses are comprehensive of vat at the standard rate except if indicated something else.
  • Your fulfilment is ensured as we will re-clean any window which we perceive as unacceptable, inasmuch as the complaints are given inside 24 hours from the day of the wash.
  • Any complaints after following 24 hours won't be considered.
  • We maintain whatever authority is needed to change the Terms and Conditions whenever without take note.
  • A duplicate of our present Terms and Conditions is accessible on ask.



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