Tips To Easily Remove Traces Of Limestone On Shower Windows.

Do you have traces of limestone embedded on the windows of the shower? These drops of limestone left by the water are a real galley to disappear. Fortunately, there is something to remove limescale from the shower panes.

The trick is to spray white vinegar on it and wipe with a micro-fiber cloth.

How to do

1. Put white vinegar in a spray bottle.

2. When the shower screen is dry, spray vinegar on it.

3. Wipe with a micro-fiber cloth.


And now your shower screens are impeccable. No more traces of limestone! Easy, is not it?

Do not use a scourer on the shower panes. You could scratch them. Avoid baking soda and white Meudon, it is difficult to rinse on windows.

For everyday cleaning to be even easier, it’s best to wipe the window after every shower or at least once a week with a micro-fiber cloth.

Bonus tip

Limestone on faucets and tiles is even more difficult to remove. But do not panic! To eliminate it, simply spray white vinegar on it. Wait 15 minutes to 1 hour. Rinse. And that’s all!

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