Tips for cleaning windows

Clean windows without leaving traces

A window cleaning is often necessary to remove fingerprints, grease and dust accumulated there. Nevertheless, during this operation, it happens that spots remain. To avoid this, certain habits are to be adopted. First, when cleaning your windows, make vertical movements. You will avoid leaving traces on the windows. If you plan to clean your windows, do not do it during sunny days because the product will dry quickly, which will cause the appearance of traces. When cleaning, use newspaper with a rag unless it is made of paper. When using newspaper, wipe the glass in circular motions.

Wash windows without special products

A product squeegee is not necessary to maintain glass surfaces. To save money, you can easily replace it with white vinegar mixed with water or lemon juice. A little of dishwashing liquid diluted in lukewarm water is also very effective. Using water and a microfibre cloth also works miracles on the windows. To get rid of traces of fat, rub the stained parts with an onion before washing them.

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