Tips for Cleaning the Windows

Your windows allow a perfect lighting of your home if they are well cleaned. Only after cleaning, you notice traces that you cannot get rid of. However, there are simple tips for cleaning windows and clearing them.

Use white vinegar or newspaper to clean windows

White vinegar can bring an incredible result on your windows. To use this trick, you need white vinegar, hot water and a sponge. First make a mixture of hot water and vinegar, thinking of correct dosage, use 75 centilitres of water and 25 centilitres of white vinegar. Dip a sponge into the mixture and gently wipe your windows.

You can also proceed by using newsprint. The newspapers of the week can serve you well for the maintenance of your windows on Sunday. In a spray bottle, mix liquid soap with a little white vinegar. Fill with water and spray on windows before rubbing with newspaper.

Writes visible on the log will leave no trace on your windows. On the contrary, they will become clearer. Also discover how to make a magic blend with white vinegar to eliminate the grease that clogs your sink.

Maintenance of plexiglass windows

When cleaning plexiglass windows, there is no need to look for expensive products that could even cause damage to your windows. Just use a dishwashing liquid. Before cleaning the windows, avoid rubbing the glass dry because the dust on the glass can scratch it.

After spraying the glass with the liquid, gently wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. If the glass has some difficulty to remove tasks, think of spraying the area and wait a while. You must then rub gently before rinsing the glass in clear water. To dry the glass, there is nothing better than wiping it with a Shammy.

In case your window is scratched, you can use a polishing paste. The product should be applied to the glass, precisely where there are more scratches. Using a soft cloth or sponge, wipe the product on the glass in a circular motion. Insist on the operation until you see the disappearance of the scratches on your Plexiglas glass.

Instead of getting products on sale in stores to clean or maintain your windows, there are simple and effective methods with household products. If white vinegar, hot water and newsprint are used to clean some windows, dishwashing liquid and a sponge are sufficient to clean and maintain plexiglass glass.

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