The best tips for cleaning your windows

These various tips will help you to have flawless windows all year long!

Use white vinegar

Did you know that white vinegar can be your best ally for cleaning your windows?

For windows, mix 750 ml of warm water with 250 ml of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Then wash your windows with this mixture using a sponge. No need for rinsing! You can also replace vinegar with lemon juice for equally as effective results.

Clean your windows with a microfibre cloth

Small Housekeeping Tip: Use two microfiber cloths to clean your windows.

The first, wet, will be used to wash a full side of glass. The second, dry, will wipe off the excess water and soap, and will clear the marks.

Halt the mist with glycerine

For clean, no-fogged windows, just pour a few drops of liquid glycerin over a nylon cloth (you could use an old nylon stocking) before rubbing your windows. This way, you will avoid the accumulation of dust and fogging due to the change of temperature.

Choose the best tools

It’s not just paper towels that are ideal. These options are also very effective for cleaning your windows:

crumpled newspaper: the printing ink is an excellent cleaner and the paper is super absorbent
a microfiber cloth, a fabric that leaves very few traces
a rubber squeegee, the famous squeegee that picks up everything in its path

Wash your windows according to the weather

For cleaning windows, keep this in mind: wait for rainy or gray days to wash them.

When we wash our windows during a beautiful sunny day, the cleaner dries faster and may leave marks, which we do not want!

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