Several tips for cleaning your windows without a trace!

It is possible to clean the windows of your home with natural and economical tips! No need for chemicals to wash your windows.

1 / The white of Meudon:

Dilute half a glass of Marseille soap flakes in a glass of boiling water. Add 250 g of white Meudon. Apply your mixture with a cloth, then scrub your windows. Finally, you can buff with a chamois leather.

2 / The white vinegar:

For a 1 liter spray: Mix 750 ml of warm water with 250 ml of white vinegar. This natural cleaner will be perfect for cleaning windows. Plus, the smell of white vinegar
repel spiders and flies from your home!

3 / The lemon juice:

In a spray bottle, mix lemon juice with hot water. Put a newspaper in a ball and soak it with this mixture, then rub your windows. Impeccable result!

4 / The dishwashing liquid:

– It is also possible to clean windows with dishwashing liquid diluted in hot water and a little white vinegar. Finish cleaning by rinsing your windows with water.

– Otherwise, simply by diluting dishwashing liquid in warm water.

5 / Ammonia:

About half a glass per liter of water.

6 / Glycerin:

To eliminate and prevent fogging on the windows, pour a few drops of glycerin on an old nylon tights and rub the windows. Thanks to this trick, dust will not settle on the windows and steam neither!

What equipment is recommended for cleaning windows?

1 / A microfiber cloth:

It has the advantage of not fluffing.

2 / Newsprint:

Instead of a cloth, use a newspaper and wipe in circular motions: no lint and no rags!

3 / A raclette:

Use a squeegee / scraper starting at the top of the glass and plan a cloth to wipe it: again no lint or rag!

4 / a chamois leather.

– If your windows have traces of grease, rub them with an onion before washing: guaranteed effect!

– Avoid cleaning your windows on sunny days: the product dries too quickly, resulting in traces.

– Clean one of the faces vertically and the other horisontally: you will find more easily on which side are the traces!

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