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How to remove limescale from windows

The traces of limestone are one of the cleaning issues we have to face at home, especially if we live in areas where the the water is more solidified than normal. Although there are...


5 tips for washing your windows

Over time, your windows are subjected to multiple attacks against which you must intervene such as: rain,fingerprints or paws of animals,dustpollution,bird droppings,etc. But how to get an impeccable and durable result ? When should we...


How to get flawless windows

How to get flawless windows Equipment– two cloths– a basin of water– newspaper– vinegar What to start with ?Even before cleaning windows, you should frequently use newspaper to remove any dirt stuck to the...


3 Techniques Used by Window Washers

Having clean windows has many advantages: more brightness, warmth and aesthetics of course. But to benefit from these advantages, you only need one solution: maintain and clean the windows regularly. In this article, we...


How to clean windows?

Apart from window cleaning products that are usually sold on the market, you can effectively clean your windows in many ways that are often more economical than you think: – with dishwashing liquid diluted...