How to remove limescale from windows

The traces of limestone are one of the cleaning issues we have to face at home, especially if we live in areas where the the water is more solidified than normal. Although there are many products on the market for cleaning limescale on different surfaces, it is true that the minerals present in the water can interact with these products and make them less effective. We will give you a wonderful tip for how to eliminate limescale stains on the windows.

Steps to follow:


Take some newspaper, crumple it and put it on the stained surface of limestone. The rubbing the paper on the glass will loosen some of the limestone and soap stuck on the area you want to clean.


Take another piece of newspaper, wet it a bit and clean the glass with it. Then take another dry paper and rub again. Repeat this procedure until the limescale and other adhered substances disappear from the glass. Finally, you must dry the surface with a dry, soft and clean cloth.


Another way to remove limescale from the windows consists in using vinegar adapted for these surfaces. Vinegar is a very powerful acid to remove mineral deposits, including limestone stains. Mix some lemon juice with vinegar to make it more effective. Thanks to the union of these two acids, you will be able to see the cleaning potential of each of them.


Pour the mixture of lemon and vinegar in a container. Then, use paper to distribute it over the entire area to be cleaned. Then take another container and add a little vinegar / lemon and baking soda to create a paste. Once mixed, spread a thin layer on the glass, leave on, then wipe with dry paper.

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