How to get flawless windows

How to get flawless windows

– two cloths
– a basin of water
– newspaper
– vinegar

What to start with ?
Even before cleaning windows, you should frequently use newspaper to remove any dirt stuck to the windows. Do not worry, your windows cannot absorb ink from the newsprint, so this manipulation is safe.

When to wash the windows?
You have to choose the time of day according to the light. The ideal is to clean your windows when there is not too much sun, without being in the dark.

The technique ?
Start by cleaning the outer sides of the windows. Then clean the inside. Then attack the corners with a damp cloth, then go to the nearest corner, then to the third and so on. Finally, run the rag and clean the windows.

The trick to eliminate germs

In a basin of hot water of 2 or 3L, pour a vinegar stopper. Vinegar helps remove germs. Then moisten a rag in a basin and clean the windows. Wash it thereafter with a dry cloth.

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