How to clean windows with white vinegar?

Nobody likes to have dirty windows. Here are some tips for easy and efficient window cleaning using white vinegar.

Tips for preparing the cleaning product

To prepare a homemade natural cleanser, simply mix a dose of vinegar with 5 doses of clear water. The temperature of the water can be fixed according to your own desire. However, be careful not to freeze your fingers with a product that is too cold or burn your fingers with hot water.

It is also possible to use white vinegar and fine salt to clean very dirty windows with very heavy soiling. For the preparation, just mix the salt that you will then cover with vinegar. Let the two products mix until they form a homogeneous solution.

Proceed to cleaning!

Simply wet a microfiber cloth with the previously prepared product and scrub all visible stains on the entire surface of your windows. Do not forget to then pass a squeegee to wipe it off and avoid the traces, and finish by passing a dry cloth!

Fast and economical, this solution is ideal for cleaning windows.

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