How to clean windows? Simple, healthy and effective solutions

Cleaning your windows is a task that is procrastinated without much difficulty. This practice retains all its mystery.

But let’s take a look  together at 3 economical, healthy and simple solutions.

Homemade glass cleaner recipe

A first alternative to the classic glass cleaner is the one you make yourself. The recipe is easy, economical, ecological and healthy.

You need:

250 ml of water
150 ml or 10 c. to s. white vinegar
5 drops of lemongrass essential oil

Pour everything directly into the vaporiser. Close, shake and the cleaner is ready. The essential oil of lemongrass is not essential, you can also replace it with another essential oil of your choice. Shake before each use, otherwise the lemongrass remains on the surface. To avoid traces on the windows, you can use a microfibre cloth.

Clean windows with a newspaper

All you need is a microfibre, water, newspaper sheets and possibly vinegar.

The first step is to clean the glass with a mixture that sometimes resembles the recipe for the glass cleaner: hot water with vinegar. But hot water can suffice. This cleaning step can be done with a sponge, a microfiber or even a sheet of newspaper. To wipe, simply use a sheet of crumpled newspaper.

The last step is just using water with a microfibre cloth. As simple as that!

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