How to clean the windows of a veranda?

The glazing of a veranda is the victim of many aggressions; Dusts, dead leaves, pollution, impurities deposited by the rain outside. The glazing is also confronted with the traces of hand and other natural wears related to the use of glazing.

If brightness is the main advantage of a veranda, it has the disadvantage of quickly revealing the slightest trace on a glazing. The need for washing is quite common as with any window in the house. A proper washing technique is essential so that this frequent maintenance does not turn into a regular ordeal. Here is a recommended technique for maintaining the windows of the veranda:

Preparation of the cleaning operation

Which material to use? Pressure washers should be avoided to avoid putting too much pressure on the joints or the paint of the amounts that could be damaged.

Preferably, choose a good quality squeegee with interchangeable blades to be able to change it as soon as it shows signs of fatigue. It is noted that it is in bad condition when it leaves water on the glass after its passage.

A bucket of cold soapy water

Just use a glass cleaner, preferably neutral pH to prevent it seals the joints on the windows. It is also possible to simply put washing-up liquid or a glass of white vinegar in the bucket of water, both effective degreasers.

Why cold water?

Because the use of hot water would cause too rapid evaporation of water before the passage of the squeegee and rag, leaving traces. It is also for this reason that it is better not to clean on a hot sunny summer day.

Avoid a sponge with aluminum that may scratch the glass. You can also use a wet microfiber cloth.

It is preferable to use cotton cloths, or ideally microfibre, and avoid fluffy rags that leave particles of fabric on the windows.

Step by step operation

First of all, which way to start? To evaluate the efficiency of the washing of the exterior glazing generally saltier, it is better logically to start with the outside.

1. Position a cloth or towel at the bottom of the window to absorb potential water flow during cleaning. It is also necessary to have a second cloth at hand, placed on the shoulder for example.

2. With the bucket nearby, dip the sponge or rag into the soapy water and then take it out, wring it out a little before passing it over the entire window, from top to bottom.

3. You have to start from the sides of the window. Using the cloth available on the shoulder, pass on the sides of the window taking advantage of it to clean the joints. This first step avoids proposing too much cleaning liquid on the joints.

4. We will be able to remove the soapy water from the windows by grasping the squeegee. For this, the principle is to always to go from top to bottom by wiping the squeegee regularly with the cloth.

Several techniques are possible. The simplest is passing the squeegee on horizontal or vertical stripes covering one third of the area already covered.

More complex, the other technique is to make turns from side to side of the glass to the bottom, drawing eight horizontal with the squeegee. Whatever the technique, the squeegee must always be held against the glass, it requires controlled and firm movement on the glass.

It is important to stop a few cm from the bottom of the glass.

5. Finally, stick the squeegee on the bottom left corner of the glass and go on the last horizontal strip down to the bottom right corner to get the last drops of soapy water.

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