Here’s how to have ultra-clean windows

Home-made product for windows

Step 1: Start by preparing your own product for the windows. You need a dose of white vinegar and a dose of hot water in a vaporiser. Some people think that you have to use more water than vinegar, but try and decide for yourself. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar , you can add a little lemon juice. Tip: If commercially available products have left a veil on your windows, add half a spoon of dishwashing liquid to your mixture. Avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight. A cloudy day is the perfect time to clean because the products will not dry too fast.

Washing-drying method

Step 2: Spray your homemade product on the glass. Wash and dry in one go with old newspaper instead of paper towels. The newspaper leaves an invisible veil on the window, which prevents dirt from redeposing too quickly. Use the oldest newspapers you have, because recent newspapers may leave marks because ink is not dry enough. Wear dish gloves to protect your hands from ink stains. For really dirty tiles, use a bucket and sponge. Clean from top to bottom to avoid drips, and wipe the wet edges on the frames to avoid damaging the wood.

Some like to use a chamois or microfiber to dry the windows. Whatever your choice, make sure that the cloth does not lint.

Exterior windows: not just the tile

Step 3: For exterior windows, you can use an aerosol (for fertiliser or insecticide) to attach to the garden hose and fill it with your homemade product to wash the tiles. For windows that are hard to reach, use a chamois leather attached to an extensible handle to dry the tiles. First, moisten the window and then dry it. Remove all mosquito nets, gently rub them and water them in the garden hose. Also clean your frames with a sponge and rinse them with the garden hose. Dry with an old T-shirt or cloth. You can scour hard corners with a toothbrush. To remove water stains, use pure vinegar or alcohol.

Maybe washing the windows will take longer than you originally thought, but these tips are well worth it. Say goodbye to the sad winter months with the scent of ultra-clean windows, and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden in the spring!

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