Help, I cant clean my windows

Cleaning your windows is an art and it requires some tips to get an optimal result. To help you get rid of the accumulated dirt without ruining yourself with the household products sold in supermarkets, we have prepared some expert advice below.

Use white vinegar

The first tip, which is probably the best known, is to replace the glass cleaner with white vinegar. Dilute the equivalent of five tablespoons per liter of water to wash your windows. It’s economical and it allows to obtain an incomparable brilliance.

Clean windows with newspaper

A classic grandma’s tricks, newspaper can be used to clean windows. Once they are washed with the product, wipe with the windows: it is guaranteed to not leave any trace!

Lemon juice, good for windows

Finally, lemon juice is another simple trick. It is recommended to those who do not like the smell of white vinegar. For optimal use, simply press the equivalent of one half lemon for a liter of water.

You now have all the elements at your disposal to clean your windows economically and ecologically!

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