Clean windows in winter when it’s cold

In winter, the windows get dirty more easily with the many showers of rain or snow. But with the cold, it is not always easy to wash them. So here are some tips for cleaning windows in winter and keeping them clean throughout the year.

Keep the glass as clean as possible to maintain maximum brightness. For this, they must be cleaned regularly throughout the year. But in winter, it is better to take some precautions.

In winter, hot water or cold water to clean your windows?

If you want to wash your windows and it is cold outside, you will tend to take warm water to warm your hands, but it is a mistake. Do not wash windows with warm water in winter. You will create a thermal shock between the temperature of the water and that of the cold surface of windows. You risk over time to weaken your windows. And even damage it even more if your window has an impact or if it is slightly slotted.

So, use cold water or a little lukewarm. Wash them in small areas by drying them quickly so that the water does not stagnate and thus avoid the risk of frost.

Clean windows in winter: no aggressive products

Like the rest of the year, do not use solvents such as acetone or turpentine. Indeed, these abrasive products could weaken the structure of PVC joinery.

However, if it is too cold or freezing, it is better to wait until it is a little softer to clean your windows or doors.

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