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Cleaning the shower panes is difficult when limescale and other dirt settle on the walls. Instead of breaking your head and always waiting for the next day to clean your shower panes, here are tips that are easy to achieve. You will soon find pleasure in cleaning the walls of your shower impeccably.

Tips for cleaning shower panes

With white vinegar

White vinegar is able to easily remove limescale that accumulates on the walls of your windows. You have to simply soak white vinegar on a ball of newspaper, then you have to clean the shower panes by removing the limescale. Another useful tip: Heat half a liter of white vinegar in the microwave for a few seconds and apply it on the walls with a sponge. In this case, it is necessary to wait half an hour before rinsing the windows.

Finally, you can also make a mixture of white vinegar and a pinch of salt. Dip your cloth in the mixture before cleaning the shower panes.

With methylated spirits

With methylated spirits, you will have a good time to clean the windows of the shower. This trick is simply convenient to remove any type of residue on the glass door of the shower enclosure. Have a microfiber cloth and a bottle of alcohol to burn. Before rubbing the windows, you must soak your alcohol rag.

During your cleaning, in case you find that some limescale always get on the walls, add acetone on your cloth to achieve the perfect results.

With lemon

To clean the shower panes, simply cut a lemon in half and rub the walls directly with it. Otherwise, you can mix lemon juice and a little water. Use a sponge or cloth soaked in this mixture to rub the glass.

It only remains to rinse to remove traces of limestone and soap residue. This trick is effective whether it is to clean the shower tray or the joints.

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