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How to properly clean the windows

Washing windows can be difficult! But all you need to do is find the right product that does not leave any trace as well as the appropriate material, to make cleaning easier. Here are the best tips for cleaning windows.

The materials needed to wash the windows

The property and brilliance of your windows depends on the tool you use. Here are the most effective cleaning materials on glass and glass furniture.

Spray: In the vaporiser you will pour the cleaning fluid prepared in this guide when it comes to directly moistening the surface to be cleaned.
Paper towels: as its name suggests, it is a multi-purpose paper cloth. The only problem is, it softens very quickly in contact with liquid.
Crumpled and rolled newsprint: it is a very absorbent paper that leaves no mark. In addition, the printing ink is an excellent cleaner.
Microfibre cloth: it’s a special cloth that leaves no trace.
Raclette: useful for larger surfaces and for the use of certain sparkling wines.
Sponge: Use only a new, clean sponge.

The best products to have windows without traces

Forget the window cleaner whom are expensive, full of chemicals and does not offer complete satisfaction. Here are some miracle products for washing windows properly.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is an excellent alternative to windshield washer fluid. To do this, take 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, mix it with 450 ml of hot water that you put in a vaporiser. Soak the newsprint rolled into a ball with this mixture, then rub the windows. In addition to impeccable cleanliness, lemon juice keeps ants away.

White vinegar

To do this, mix ¾ liter of water and ¼ liter of white vinegar that you pour into a spray bottle. You can then window wash with this mixture using a clean sponge. White vinegar leaves no trace and you do not need to rinse.

White vinegar and fine salt

When the windows are too dirty, add fine salt in the white vinegar. Simply pour 3 tablespoons of fine salt into a bowl, then cover with white vinegar. Stir the mixture well, then, immerse in a clean cloth or newspaper to clean the glass.

Domestic alcohol

Stuff alcohol into a newspaper ball, then rub the glass with it. You can then dry with a microfiber cloth. You can use the white vinegar + alcohol + hot water mixture to soak the newspaper. Then pass a squeegee to clear everything up.

The white of Meudon and alcohol

Did you know that Meudon’s white used to be used as a detergent when there was no soap yet? Currently, this chalk-like natural product is back in fashion as a maintenance product. Here, Meudon white is used to clean very dirty windows such as those of kitchen windows that have not been cleaned for a long time. To do this, mix Meudon white powder with some household alcohol and water to have a liquid paste. Apply this paste on very dirty windows. Rinse with a damp microfiber cloth.

Soda crystals

Prepare a solution of hot water and soda crystals (100 cl of hot water for one cup of soda crystals). You use this solution to wet your cleaning cloth. Then pass a squeegee and dry with a paper towel.


Glycerine has the particularity of resorbing the fogging on the windows. Thus, to no longer have fog that settles especially during the winter, coat an old nylon fabric (a sticky for example) with a little glycerin. Then rub the glass gently to deposit a thin layer of glycerin.

Some tips for cleaning a window

Apart from the appropriate products and materials, here are some techniques to optimise the cleaning of your windows.

The perfect time to clean windows

If the cleaning is done during the spring cleaning, the cleaning of the windows should happen during the winter greyness or under cloudy weather. Indeed, when the sun hits, the cleaning product dries very quickly and leaves marks.

Steps to clean the windows

First of all, clean the door and window frames with the appropriate equipment for this (cleaning wood, aluminum, PVC or other material). Then remove the dust on the glass before applying the cleaning products. Always rub in the same direction (from right to left and from top to bottom).

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