9 tips for washing windows

How to wash your windows effectively?

Windows get dirty easy and always require good cleaning to keep them clean. We do not always know how to wash them well and what products we should use.

Whether for the windows of a house or other types of objects or glass furniture in the house, there are effective cleaning tips. Here are some tips to help you clean your windows.

1. Do not clean the windows on sunny days

If you clean your windows when it’s sunny, the cleaning products used will dry too quickly and it will leave marks on your windows. Therefore, you should try to avoid cleaning your windows in sunny days.

2. Always remove dust first

Before cleaning any window, always remove the dust first.

3. Wash the window frames first

If you wash your window panes, always start by washing the frames.

4. Clean the outer panes before the inner panes

Always for windows, wash your exterior windows first by following up and down and left and right movements.

5. Clean the inside windows

Always from top to bottom and from left to right, you can now wash your interior windows.

6. Use alcohol to wash the windows

For all types of windows, you can roll newspaper to make a kind of stamp, soak it with alcohol and then rub the windows with it.

7. Use white vinegar to clean

Again, to properly clean windows, you can also simply use white vinegar mixed with water.

8. Use soap and rubbing alcohol

Simply rub your windows with a mixture of soap and rubbing alcohol for flawless windows.

9. Use dish soap and hot water

Dip a sponge in warm water mixed with dish soap. Rub your windows well and then rinse. Wipe it off with a rubber squeegee.

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