5 tips for washing your windows

Over time, your windows are subjected to multiple attacks against which you must intervene such as:

fingerprints or paws of animals,
bird droppings,

But how to get an impeccable and durable result ? When should we do it? Which materials and products are the most effective? Here are 5 tips for washing your windows.

1. The impact of the weather

The weather outside is a criterion that is important to take into account the day you decide to wash your windows. Of course, it certainly would not come to your mind to clean your tiles on a rainy day. But did you know that it is not recommended to wash them on a sunny day as well?

Indeed, too rapid evaporation of water can leave traces on your glazed surfaces. The ideal time for cleaning your windows is a day of overcast weather.

2. The recommended tools

the D system

If you do not have a lot of equipment available, you do not need to use the paper towel that is inefficient. For those who do not wish to invest, there are many methods that has proven themselves to work just as well. One of the best known is to use newsprint. However, this method is to be used as a last resort. If the paper is actually very effective in removing unnecessary water, the ink can leave traces on the frames of your windows. Choose safer tricks like the coffee filter or the nylon stocking.

The microfibre cloth

With its tight fiber composition, the microfibre cloth is the ideal tool for cleaning your windows in a simple and effective way. Be careful, however, to provide enough for your surface to clean. These must not be associated with other dirty or fluffy tools either.


It is the basic tool of all professionals and rightly so. The raclette allows you to easily remove water and dirt from your windows. Whether you have simple or big windows, the rendering will be impeccable in a minimum of time and effort.

3. The good gestures

For optimal cleaning, it is important to master the right actions. These will save you time and quality of work. Here is the best way to proceed:

Before you start, take the time to clear the dust from your window frames. Wash the outside of your window first. The latter is the dirtiest, you will have a better result when you attack the interior.

Always try to be energetic when you are in the cleaning phase, performing a big 8 up and down with your arm.

4. White vinegar: miracle product

White vinegar is used for many household chores. This versatility makes this product the best ally of your home. White vinegar is an excellent anti-limescale in addition to an effective repellent against flies and spiders that might have the bad idea to stick against your windows.

To use it when cleaning your windows, the formula is very simple: two-thirds of warm water, and one-third of white vinegar. All you have to do is put the solution in a container or spray bottle and you’re done. After application, simply clean the surface with a microfibre cloth or squeegee.

5. Other interesting products

Black tea against rebel stains

This product, once infused in hot water, can work wonders against stubborn stains. An excellent reason to stop throwing away your tea bags. However, this method should not be abused. Used too frequently, the latter can leave traces on frames of your windows.

Black soap for spot cleaning

It can happen that bad weather, children, greasy hands, work, or other unforeseen things come to maltreat your windows. In this case, do not panic! A little black soap mixed with water will be enough to deal with the biggest catastrophes. Scrub your stained glass with a soft sponge, before making a last shot of mixing water and white vinegar. Then wipe with a microfibre cloth to give back all its shine to your tiles.

Lemongrass against mosquitoes

We have seen above that white vinegar is effective against flies and spiders. It will be even more effective against mosquitoes if you add to your mixture a dozen drops of essential oils of lemongrass.

By applying all these tips, you will be able to maintain your windows shiny and clean throughout the year.

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