3 Techniques Used by Window Washers

Having clean windows has many advantages: more brightness, warmth and aesthetics of course. But to benefit from these advantages, you only need one solution: maintain and clean the windows regularly.

In this article, we will introduce you to 3 main techniques of cleaning windows used by professional window washers.

French window cleaning

French window cleaning is the most used method by window washers. It has the main advantage of being simple, although it is not very fast.

Start by rubbing with the moistener on the entire glass surface. The squeegee is then used from the end of the glass to its opposite (usually from left to right) scraping from top to bottom.

At each “column” (width equivalent of the squeegee) scraped, it is necessary to wipe the rubber part of the squeegee with a cloth. This movement is repeated until the window is completely dry. If the steps have been scrupulously followed and the cleaning products well selected, the windows will be impeccable! It is an effective method.

Window cleaning in the American style

Less used than the French method, the window cleaning in the American style is very different and much more technical.

The idea is to wash the glass, then wipe it without ever raising the squeegee of the glass surface to clean. To do this, the window washer shifts its squeegee up and down, forming an “S”. Often used in competitions, this method, although difficult to master for a non-professional, is much faster than French wiping.

Scandinavian window cleaning

Much less known than the two previous ones in France, Scandinavian wiping is the fastest method!

It is close to the American method except that in this one, the “S” that the window cleaner draws with its squeegee are no longer horizontal (from left to right) but vertical (from top to bottom). Thus, we must scrape the entire glass surface without lifting the squeegee from the top left corner to finish at the bottom right corner. The window washers use it especially when cleaning windows with perch.

Like the American method, it is a difficult technique to master. Only seasoned professionals will be able to offer it to you

That’s it, you now know more about the 3 main techniques used by professional window washers.

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